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So, I come back from a little "business" trip to Juv, and I find the Empire has gone stupid?

Seriously guys, what the hell?! It didn't work last time, won't work this time... Maybe that stupid Vamp would like to hear about this... :3 I'm sure he could bring all sorts of "FUN" to the table.
Woohoo! She showed her face around here again. That saves me a lot of hassle in tracking her down. I think the Vampire will be happy, especially if I show up on his doorstep with her, then maybe I can get one of my wuffs.

Or both. I don't care. I'm sure they're near her, they always are. I'm so happy.
I uhm... "lost" my laptop. Had to steal borrow some more money so I could replace it.

I hate having things vanish on me.

So, I've got to set everything up on here and retrieve all the porn illegal music STUFF I had.

So, I'm sittin' around, playin' on this nice ass laptop that I got with the money I stole borrowed from that stupid Vampire, and I'm lookin' at all the new registrations in the city.

Holy shit Avizon.

Lots of them! Where the hell are they comin' from?

You leave for a few weeks, and then it's like someone dropped a bomb and it exploded into Avizon! Jeeze.

Ah well, it will be a while before my "mad skillz" (that what those idiots say nowadays?) are needed. I'm sure Kione will remove his head from his ass and decided to go after that... Delphin again. Ugh.

And that stupid Lupino bodyguard (hahaha, I originally typed "gourd!") of hers. Or whatever the fuck he is. Obnoxious prick.

I should find if he has an illegitimate kids and go kick them or somethin'. He seems like the type to do somethin' irresponsible like that.

Or, hell, maybe I'll find me a bar or somethin' else fun.